Sydney Police Use Dogs And Pepper Spray To Disperse Rioting Muslins

Video shows rioting Muslims in Australia being met by dogs and pepper spray.  I can only wish that when this happens in the US, our police will have the same fortitude and backing to react the same way. What kind of religion promotes the beheading of those that insult it?  Muslims have no issue with insulting Christians and Jews. If peace loving Muslims don't agree with the actions of these radicals, then why aren't they publicly condemning them?  I can only assume they are afraid of them, too.


Report Faults Santa Monica College Officials In Pepper Spray Case

It doesn’t look like the campus police will ever win when it comes to protesting students and pepper spray.  Over 100 students tried to crash a board of trustee’s meeting because they were not happy with the increase of prices for high demand classes. They got pepper sprayed and they didn’t like it. Wasn’t fair. Now a report says the campus police were at fault.  Unbelievable! [Read more...]

Pepper Spray Empties A Walmart

Somebody sprayed a pepper spray in a Walmart in the Salt Lake City area and emptied the store. People do things today without remorse or shame or concerns about punishment. They injured over 80 people and shut a business down for hours.  Means nothing to them.  [Read more...]

New Pepper Spray Prototype

Here's a video on a new pepper spray prototype. I'm not sure how practical this wrist pepper spray will be, but I love seeing people being innovative.

I would be glad to test market this for him if he should ever present it to me. Even help him manufacture it. Who knows, it might be a big seller.

Men Rob Memphis Jewelry Store With Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is used in jewelry robbery. Memphis has really fallen on hard times. Forbes magazine has rated Memphis as the 3rd most miserable city in the country.  You are 4 times as likely to be a victim of violent crime in Memphis than the national average. [Read more...]

Zephyrhills driver reached for pepper spray in road rage incident

Road rage is real. It takes you over and you seem to have no control over what you are doing. It’s also dangerous. People have died or been seriously injured from road rage; either their own or someone else’s. The fact that this person responded with pepper spray was a lucky thing. At least no guns were involved. [Read more...]

Owners Angry After Cop Neighbor Pepper Sprays Their Pit Bull

I know Pit Bulls have a bad rap.  I’ve only known a few and they were always very sweet dogs.  But, this cop had to reach over a fence to pepper spray his neighbor’s Pit Bull. I’m not sure how I would have reacted if my next door neighbor pepper sprayed my dog, who was in his yard, inside his fence.  Something tells me I would be spending the night in jail. [Read more...]

Nothing Wrong With Pepper Spraying Of UC Davis Protesters

This retired cop has an interesting take on the spraying of the protesting students at UC Davis in November of last year.  [Read more...]

Man With Open Container Of Beer Is Pepper Sprayed By Police

The police pepper sprayed this guy after they caught him trying to hide an open beer container. OK, he shouldn’t have said “F**K YOU!” to the police when they tried to take his beer from him. And, he shouldn’t have struggled when they wanted to search him.  And, maybe, he shouldn’t have had an open container of beer out in public.  For some reason, the people in New Hampshire don’t want you to walk around with a beer.  Doesn’t sound like a very fun state. [Read more...]

Mesa AZ Clerk Uses Pepper Spray To Fend Off 2 Men

Finally, a story about a citizen defending himself with pepper spray.  These stories don’t get reported much.  They happen a lot, but usually never make it to a reporter. [Read more...]